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Technical Program

Broadband Optical Networking Symposium

Technical Program Chairs
Dr. David Griffith [NIST]
Dr. Srinivasan Ramasubramanian [Univ. of Arizona]

October 4, 2005 [Tuesday], 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Session OS1: Routing and Wavelength Assignment
Session Chair: Dr. Suresh Subramaniam [George Washington Univ.]
Analysis of Wavelength-Routed WDM Networks under Heterogeneous Environments 
Han-You Jeong [Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., KR], Seung-Woo Seo [Seoul National University, Korea., KR]
Routing and Wavelength Assignment Under a Scheduled Traffic Model in Reconfigurable WDM Optical Networks 
Bin Wang, Tianjian Li [Wright State University, US], Chunsheng Xin [Norfolk State University, US]
Approximation Algorithms for Traffic Routing in Wavelength Routed WDM Networks 
Yash Aneja, Arunita Jaekel, Subir Bandyopadhyay [University of Windsor, Canada]
Routing and Wavelength Assignment with Power Aware Multicasting in WDM Networks 
Ashraf Hamad, Ahmed Kamal [Iowa State University, US]  

October 4, 2005 [Tuesday], 13:30 - 15:00 PM

Session OS2: Network Design and Resource Allocation
Session Chair: Dr. K. Sriram [National Institute of Standards and Technology]
Network Design for IP-Centric light trail networks 
Srivatsan Balasubramanian, Ahmed Kamal, Arun Somani [Iowa State University, US]
Performance Comparison of Agile Optical Network Architectures with Static Vs. Dynamic Regenerator Assignment 
Kotikalapudi Sriram, David Griffith, Giuseppe DiLorenzo, Oliver Borchert, Nada Golmie [NIST, US], Richard Su [UC Berkeley, US]
Analytical Calculation of Blocking Probabilities in WDM Rings with Wavelength Conversion 
Helio Waldman, Divanilson Campelo [Campinas State University, BR]
On Modeling of Fair Rate Calculation in Resilient Packet Rings 
Arash Shokrani [Carleton University, CA], Ioannis Lambadaris, Jerome Talim [Carleton University, CA]

October 4, 2005 [Tuesday], 15:30 - 17:00 PM

Session OS3: Framing and Packet Transport
Session Chair: Dr. Krishna Sivalingam [Univ. of Maryland at Baltimore County]
On the Resource Efficiency of Virtual Concatenation in Next-Generation SDH Networks 
Josue Kuri [Independent Consultant, CA], Maurice Gagnaire, Nicolas Puech [ENST Paris, FR], Richard Douville [Alcatel, FR], Olivier Audouin [Alcatel CIT, Research & Innovation, FR]
Optimal Path Selection for Ethernet Over SONET Under Inaccurate Link-State Information 
Satyajeet Ahuja, Marwan Krunz [University of Arizona, US], Turgay Korkmaz [University of Texas at San Antonio, US]
A Photonic Container Switched Transport Network to Support Long-Haul Traffic at the Core 
Preetam Ghosh, Kalyan Basu, Sajal Das [UniversityTexas at Arlington, US]
A Novel Packet-Aware Transport Architecture for Enhanced Data Capacity 
Bhawna Gupta, Swarup Acharya [Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, US]

October 5, 2005 [Wednesday], 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Session OS4: Survivability
Session Chair: Dr. Muriel Medard [Massachusetts Institute of Technology]
A Novel Shared Segment Protection Method for Guaranteed Recovery Time 
Janos Tapolcai [Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU], Pin-Han Ho [University of Waterloo, Canada], Dominique Verchere [Alcatel, FR], Tibor Cinkler [Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU]
Differentiated QoS Routing of Restorable Sub-lambda Connections in IP-over-WDM Networks using a Multi-layer Protection Approach 
Krishanthmohan Ratnam, Mohan Gurusamy [National University of Singapore, SG], Luying Zhou [Institute for Infocomm Research, SG]
Dynamic Establishment of Restorable Connections using $p$-Cycle Protection in WDM Networks 
Lu Ruan, Fangcheng Tang [Iowa State University, US]
On Computing Disjoint Paths with Dependent Cost Structure in Optical Networks 
Ajay Todimala,Byrav Ramamurthy, Vinodchandran Variyam [University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US]

October 5, 2005 [Wednesday], 13:30 - 15:00 PM

Session OS5: Traffic and Wavelength Grooming
Session Chair: Dr. Guido Maier [CoreCom]
A Framework for Hierarchical Traffic Grooming in WDM Networks of General Topology 
Bensong Chen, George Rouskas, Rudra Dutta [North Carolina State University, US]
Analysis of Multi-Hop Traffic Grooming in WDM Mesh Networks 
Wang Yao [University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US], Gokhan Sahin [Miami University, US], Mengke Li, Byrav Ramamurthy [University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US]
Reservation based Wavelength assignment for Sparse groomed Optical WDM Mesh Networks 
Sundar Subramani, Krishna Sivalingam [University of Maryland, Baltimore County, US]
Adaptive QoS Routing in Dynamic Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks 
Tao Deng, Suresh Subramaniam [The George Washington University, US]

October 6, 2005 [Thursday], 08:30 - 10:00 AM

Session OS6: Switching and Routing
Session Chair: Dr. Jitender Deogan [Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln]
Architectures for WDM Benes Interconnection Network with Simultaneous Space-Wavelength Switching Capability 
Haitham Hamza, Jitender Deogun [University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US]
Uniform vs. Non-uniform Band Switching in WDM Networks 
Li-Wei Chen, Poompat Saengudomlert, Eytan Modiano [MIT, US]
Sharing Tunable Wavelength Converters in AWG-based IP Optical Switching Nodes 
Achille Pattavina [Politecnico di Milano, IT], Marica Rebughini, Antonio Sipone [Corecom, IT]
Output-Controlled Round Robin (OCRR) Scheduling in Differentiated Services Edge Switches 
Akbar Ghaffar Pour Rahbar, Oliver Yang [University of Ottawa, CA]

October 6, 2005 [Thursday], 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Session OS7: Network Design and Survivability
Session Chair: Dr. Lu Ruan [Iowa State Univ.]
Multiple-Quality of Protection Classes Including Dual-Failure Survivable Services in p-Cycle Networks 
Adil Kodian [TRLabs, University of Alberta, Canada], Wayne Grover [Univ. of Alberta and TRLabs, Canada]
Coordinated Survivability in IP-over-Optical Networks with IP-Layer Dual-Homing and Optical-Layer Protection 
Vinod Vokkarane [University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, US], Jianping Wang [Georgia Southern University, US], Jason Jue [University of Texas-Dallas, US]
A GMPLS Based Control Plane Testbed For End-to-end Services 
Guangzhi Li [AT&T Labs - Research, US], Jennifer Yates [AT&T Labs - Research, US], Dongmei Wang [AT&T Labs - Research, US], Panagiotis Sebos [Columbia, US]
Dual-link Failure Resiliency Through Backup Link Mutual Exclusion 
Amit Chandak, Srinivasan Ramasubramanian [University of Arizona, US]

October 6, 2005 [Thursday], 13:30 - 15:00 PM

Session OS8: Burst and packet Switching
Session Chair: Dr. Chunsheng Xin [Norfolk State Univ.]
On Providing Elastic QoS in Optical Burst Switched Networks 
Praveen Bhamidipati, Praveen Jayachandran [Indian Institute of Technology Madras, IN], Siva Ram Murthy [IIT Chennai, IN]
Evaluation of Burst Retransmission in Optical Burst-Switched Networks 
Qiong Zhang [University of Texas at Dallas, US], Vinod Vokkarane [University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, US], Yuke Wang, Jason Jue [University of Texas-Dallas, US]
The Streamline Effect in OBS Networks and its Application in Load Balancing 
Minh Hoang Phung, Kee Chaing Chua, Mohan Gurusamy, Mehul Motani [National University of Singapore, SG], Tung Chong Wong [Institute for Infocomm Research, SG]
Data Burst Grooming in Optical Burst-Switched Networks 
Farid Farahmand, Jason Jue [University of Texas-Dallas, US]

October 5, 2005 [Wednesday], 10:00 - 10:45 AM

Poster Session (Optical)
Dynamic Converter-aware Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks with Sparse Conversion Capability 
Dzung Ho-Quang [Information and Communications University (ICU), KR]
A Multi-Threshold Wavelength Allocation Scheme for Fairness Management in WDM Ring Networks 
Kayvan Mosharaf, Jerome Talim, Ioannis Lambadaris [Carleton University, CA]
A Feedback-Based Contention Resolution Mechanism for Slotted Optical Burst 
Tomohiro Abe, Han Koto, Hiroki Tanida [Kansai University, JP], Choi Young-Bok [Tongmyong University, KR],Hiromi Okada [Kansai University, JP]
Grooming in SONET-WDM Rings for Stochastically Varying Traffic 
Gaurav Bhati, Girish Saraph [Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, IN]
Design of Tunnel-based Protection Schemes in Multigranularity Optical Cross-connect Networks 
Tse Yu Lo, Chien Chen, Ying Yu Chen [National Chiao Tung University, TW]
A wavelength assignment method for distributed wavelength-routed networks using a circular wavelength-list 
Shin'ichi Arakawa, Yosuke Kanitani, Murata Masayuki, Ken'ichi Kitayama [Osaka University, JP]
Circular Arc Graph based Algorithms for Routing Scheduled Lightpath Demands in WDM Optical Networks 
Chava Vijaya Saradhi [Institute for Infocomm Research, SG], Mohan Gurusamy [National University of Singapore, SG]
Cross-Layer Throughput Analysis for Optical Code Labelled GMPLS Networks 
Tamer Khattab, Hussein Alnuweiri [University of British Columbia, CA]