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Optical Symposium - Technical Program

September 11, 2007 [Tuesday] 10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon
Optical Grids
Chair: W. Cerroni, University of Bologna-DEIS

Design and Control of Optical Grid Networks
C. Develder, M. De Leenheer, T. Stevens, B. Dhoedt, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester
(Ghent University - IBBT, Belgium)

SIP-enpowered OBS Network Architecture for Future IT Services and Applications
D. Simeonidou, G. Zervas, R. Nejabati, F. Callegati, A. Campi, W. Cerroni
(University of Essex, UK & University of Bologna - DEIS, Italy)

Topology Discovery and Performance Information Services for Optical Grids
L. Valcarenghi, F. Paolucci, P. Castoldi, F. Cugini, D. Ficara
(Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy & CNIT, Italy & Universita' degli Studi di Pisa, Italy)

Generic Network Services to Support Emerging Grid Applications
Y. Xin, L. Battestilli, G. Karmous-Edwards (MCNC, USA)

September 11 , 2007 [Tuesday] 1:30 - 3:00 PM
Optical Burst Switching
Chair: V. Vokkarane, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Key Parameters for Contention Resolution in Multi-Fiber Optical Burst/Packet Switching Nodes
F. Callegati, W. Cerroni, G. Pavani (University of Bologna - DEIS, Italy & State University of Campina, Brasil)

Group Schedule Serialized Traffic in Optical Burst Switching Networks
X. Cao, J. Joseph, J. Li, C. Xin
(Rochester Institute of Technology, USA & College of New Jersey, USA & Norfolk State University, USA)

Source-Ordering for Improved TCP Performance over Load-Balanced Optical Burst-Switched (OBS) Networks
B. Komatireddy, V. Vokkarane (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA)

Retransmission in OBS Networks with Fiber Delay Lines
K. Kwak, E. Coffman (Columbia University, USA)

September 12, 2007 [Wednesday] 10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon
Optical Network Design Techniques
Chair: A. Jaekel, University of Windsor

Cost-Effective Heuristics for Planning GMPLS Transport Networks
N. Naas, H. Mouftah
(University of Ottawa, Canada)

Resource Dimensioning in WDM Networks under State-Based Routing Schemes
X. Zhang, S. Kim, S. Lumetta (University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, USA)

Service Provisioning under a Scheduled Traffic Model Using Light-trails in WDM Optical Networks
X. Luo, B. Wang (Wright State University, USA)

Reduced Flow Routing: Leveraging Residual Capacity to Reduce Blocking in GMPLS Networks
X. Zhang, S. Kim, S. Lumetta (University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, USA)

September 12, 2007 [Wednesday] 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Routing and Assignment Problems in Optical Networks
Chair: S. Ramasubramanian, University of Arizona

A New Class of Strictly Nonblocking WDM Multicast Switching Networks
H. Hamza, J. Deogun (Cairo University, Egypt & University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)

Thorough Analysis of the IPACT Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for EPONs
B. Lannoo, L. Verslegers, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, M. Gagnaire, P. Demeester
(Ghent University - IBBT, Belgium & ENST, Paris)

Demand Allocation Without Wavelength Conversion Under a Sliding Scheduled Traffic Model
A. Jaekel, Y. Chen (University of Windsor, Canada)

Online Broadcasting and Multicasting in WDM Optical Networks with Shared Light Splitter Bank
W. Liang, Y. Liu (Australian National University, Australia)

September 13 , 2007 [Thursday] 8:30 - 10:00 AM
Optical Network Survivability
Chair: B. Ramamurthy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dedicated path protection for waveband switching in WDM networks
M. Li, B. Ramamurthy
(University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)

Performance Study of Multiple Link Failure Restorability of Shared Protection trees
S. Shah-Heydari, O. Yang (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Approximating Optimal Survivable Scheduled Service Provisioning in WDM Optical Networks with Shared Risk Link Groups
T. Li, B. Wang (Wright State University, USA)

Performance Study of Self-repairing Unicast Hierarchical Protection Trees in Mesh Networks
S. Shah-Heydari, O. Yang (University of Ottawa, Canada)

September 13, 2007 [Thursday] 10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon
Optical Network Architectures
Chair: B. Wang, Wright State University

Cross-Layer Optimized Optical Grid Networks
I. Tomkos, G. Markidis, S. Sygletos (Athens Information Technology, Greece)

Optical Grid Infrastructure: Establishing Multiple End-to-End Lightpaths in Optical Networks
H. Harai, S. Xu, M. Sekido (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan)

Design and Implementation of OpenMP Library for Lambda Computing Environment
K. Goda, M. Imoto, K. Baba, N. Fujimoto, M. Murata (Osaka University, Japan)

September 13, 2007 [Thursday] 1:30 - 3:00 PM
Transmission, Monitoring, and Control in Optical Networks
Chair: S. Kuntze, University of Toronto

On the stability of virtual network topology control for overlay routing services
Y. Koizumi, T. Miyamura, S. Arakawa, E. Oki, K. Shiomoto, M. Murata
(Osaka University, Japan & NTT, Japan)

Connection Provisioning in QoT-Guaranteed Distributed All-Optical Networks
J. He, M. Brandt-Pearce, S. Subramaniam
(University of Virginia, USA & George Washington University, USA)

Monitoring and Alarm Management in Transparent Optical Networks
S. Stanic, G. Sahin, H. Choi, S. Subramaniam, H. Choi
(George Washington University, USA)

Advance Lightpath Reservation for a Centralized WDM Network with Dynamic Traffic
D. Wallace, A. Shami (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

September 13, 2007 [Thursday] 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Optical Cross-Layer Design [Invited Session]
Chair: M. Brandt-Pearce, University of Virginia

OSNR Optimization with Link Capacity Constraints in WDM Networks: A Cross Layer Game Approach
Y. Pan and L. Pavel (University of Toronto)

Novel Gain Control in a Multichannel Semiconductor Optical Amplifier with Equivalent Circuit Using Nonlinear State-space Methods
S. B. Kuntze, L. Pavel, and J. Aitchison (University of Toronto)

Reinforcement Learning Based Routing in All-optical Networks
Y. Pointurier and F. Heidari (McGill University)

Constrained OSNR Optimization in Optical Networks with a Fictitious Player
Quanyan Zhu (University of Toronto)