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Technical Program

Wireless Networking Symposium
October 26, 2004 [Tuesday] 10:00 - 11:30 AM
802.11 Networks
Chair: Dr. Surendar Chandra, University of Notre Dame

A Multi-Radio Unification Protocol for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks
Atul Adya, Paramvir Bahl, Jitendra Padhye, Alec Wolman, Lidong Zhou [Microsoft Research, USA]

A Practical Cross-Layer Mechanism for Fairness in 802.11 Networks
Joseph Dunn, Michael Neufeld, Anmol Sheth, Dirk Grunwald and John Bennett [University of Colorado, USA]

A Simple Mechanism on MAC Layer to Improve the Performance of IEEE 802.11 DCF
Chonggang Wang [The University of Arkansas, USA], Bo Li [The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China], and Kazem Sohraby [The University of Arkansas, USA]

A Unified Scheduling Approach for Guaranteed Services over IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs
Yaser Pourmohammadi Fallah, Anwar Elfeitori, and Hussein Alnuweiri [University of British Columbia, Canada]

October 26, 2004 [Tuesday] 1:30 - 3:00 PM
UWB and 802.15 Based Networks
Chair: Dr. Krishna Sivalingam, University of Maryland - Balitimore County
Scheduling in UWB Ad-hoc Networks - A Framework
Arjunan Rajeswaran, Gyouwhan Kim, Rohit Negi [Carnegie Mellon University, USA]

DCC-MAC: A Decentralized MAC Protocol for 802.15.4a-like UWB Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Based on Dynamic Channel Coding
Jean-Yves Le Boudec, Bozidar Radunovic, Ruben Merz, Joerg Widmer [EPFL]

Multiple Channel Scheduling in UWB Based IEEE 802.15.3 Networks
Aniruddha Rangnekar and Krishna M. Sivalingam [University of Maryland at Baltimore County, USA]

Performance of IEEE 802.15.4 Beacon Enabled PAN with Uplink Transmissions in Non-saturation Mode - Access Delay for Finite Buffers
Jelena Misic, Vojislav B. Misic, and Shairmina Shafi [University of Manitoba, Canada]

October 26, 2004 [Tuesday] 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Performance Analysis
Chair: Dr. Rohit Negi, Carnegie Mellon University
Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Michael Neely [USC, USA], Eytan Modiano [MIT, USA]

Power-efficient Broadcast Scheduling with Delay Deadlines
Dinesh Rajan [Southern Methodist University, USA] Ashutosh Sabharwal and Behnaam Aazhang [Rice University, USA]

Analytical Models for Single-Hop and Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks
Farshid Alizadeh-Shabdiz and Suresh Subramaniam [The George Washington University, USA]

A Decomposition Approximation for the Performance Evaluation of Non-Preemptive Priority in GSM/GPRS
Sayeed Ghani [Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan], Mischa Schwartz [Columbia University, USA]

Route Throughput Analysis for Mobile Multi-Rate Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Yu-Chee Tseng, Weikuo Chu, and Lien-Wu Chen [National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan]

October 26, 2004 [Tuesday] 3:30 - 5:00 PM
Wireless Multimedia
Chair: Dr. Bhaskar Krishnamachari, University of Southern California
PRISM: An Error-resilient Video Coding Paradigm for Wireless Networks
Abhik Majumdar and Kannan Ramchandran [University of California, Berkeley, USA]

The Case for Supporting Realtime Multimedia Transport in Ad Hoc Networks Using Multiple Paths
Yihan Li [Polytechnic University, USA], Shiwen Mao [Virginia Tech, USA], and Shivendra S. Panwar, [Polytechnic University, USA]

Multipath Unicast and Multicast Video Communication over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Wei Wei and Avideh Zakhor [University of California, Berkeley, USA]

Science of Continuous Media Application Design in Wireless Networks of Mobile Devices
Shahram Ghandeharizadeh [University of Southern California, USA]

October 27, 2004 [Wednesday] 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Resource Management
Chair: Dr. Saswati Sarkar, University of Pennsylvania
Power Save Mechanisms for Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Matthew J. Miller, Nitin H. Vaidya [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA]

Effective Capacity-Based Quality of Service Measures for Wireless Networks
Dapeng Wu [University of Florida, USA], Rohit Negi [Carnegie Mellon University, USA]

Intelligent Bandwidth Aggregation for Mobile Collaborative Communities
Puneet Sharma, Sung-Ju Lee, Jack Brassil [HP Labs, USA], Kang G. Shin [University of Michigan, USA]

Efficient OVSF Codes Assignment Strategy and Management Architecture in Wideband CDMA
MinXiou Chen and Ren-Hung Hwang [National Chungcheng University, Taiwan]

October 27, 2004 [Wednesday] 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Multimedia Transport
Chair: Dr. Arup Acharya, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Power-controlled Media Streaming in Interference-limited Wireless Networks
Yan Li and Nicholas Bambos [Stanford University, USA]

Multimedia Traffic Support for Asynchronous Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
T. Bheemarjuna Reddy, B. S. Manoj, and C. Siva Ram Murthy [Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India]

Efficient QoS Provisioning for Adaptive Multimedia in Mobile Communication Networks by Reinforcement Learning
Fei Yu, Vincent W.S. Wong and Victor C.M. Leung [University of British Columbia, Canada]

Dynamic Downlink OFDM Resource Allocation for Broadband Multimedia Services in Wireless Cellular Systems
Navid Damji, Tho Le-Ngoc [McGill University, Canada]

October 27, 2004 [Wednesday] 1:30 - 3:00 PM
Contention and Media Access
Chair: Dr. Victon Leung, University of British Columbia
MOAR: A Multi-channel Opportunistic Auto-rate Media Access Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks
Vikram Kanodia, A. Sabharwal, and Ed Knightly [Rice University, USA]

Determining Intra-Flow Contention along Multihop Paths in Wireless Networks
Kimaya Sanzgiri, Ian D. Chakeres, and Elizabeth M. Belding-Royer
[University of California, Santa Barbara, USA]

Design and Analysis of a Cooperative Medium Access scheme for High-Performance
Wireless Mesh Networks
Arup Acharya, Archan Misra [IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA] Sorav Bansal [Stanford University, USA]

The Effects of the Sub-carrier Grouping on Multi-Carrier Channel Aware Scheduling
Fanchun Jin, Gokhan Sahin, Amrinder Arora, and Hyeong-Ah Choi [George Washington University, USA]

PeterNet : An Emergent Technology Based Radio Access Network Architecture for Next Generation Cellular Wireless Systems
Samik Ghosh, Pradip De, Kalyan Basu and Sajal K. Das [The University of Texas at Arlington, USA]

October 27, 2004 [Wednesday] 1:30 - 3:00 PM
Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks
Chair: Dr. Srinivasan Ramasubramanian, University of Arizona
Routing in Ad Hoc Networks - A Wireless Perspective
Martin Haenggi [University of Notre Dame, USA]

A Distributed Mobile Backbone Formation Algorithm for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Huei-jiun Ju, Izhak Rubin, Kevin Ni and Christopher Wu [University of California, Los Angeles, USA]

Multicast Routing for Multiple Description Video in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Shiwen Mao, Xiaolin Cheng, Thomas Hou, and Hanif D. Sherali [Virginia Tech, USA]

Sinkhole Intrusion Indicators in DSR MANETs
Benjamin J. Culpepper [NASA Ames Research Center], H. Chris Tseng [San Jose State University, USA]

October 28, 2004 [Thursday] 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Sensor Networks
Chair: Dr. Arjan Durresi, Louisiana State University
On Optimal Placement of Intrusion Detection Modules in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, Rahul Shetty, Saswati Sarkar [University of Pennsylvania, USA] Farooq Anjum [Telcordia Technologies, USA]

Design and Analysis of a Fast Local Clustering Service for Wireless Sensor Networks
Murat Demirbas, Anish Arora, Vineet Mittal, Vinod Kulathumani [The Ohio State University, USA]

Random Asynchronous Wakeup Protocol for Sensor Networks
Vamsi Paruchuri, Shivakumar Basavaraju, Arjan Durresi and Rajgopal Kannan
[Louisiana State University, USA]

Structures for In-Network Moving Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chih-Yu Lin and Yu-Chee Tseng [National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan]

October 28, 2004 [Thursday] 03:30 - 05:00 PM
Wireless Poster Session
On Data Aggregation Quality and Energy Efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks Protocols
Melody Moh, Eun Jik Kim, Tri Pham [San Jose State University, USA]

Using Phase Array Antennas wth the 802.11 MAC Protocol
Michael Neufeld, Dirk Grunwald [University of Colorado, USA] Joe Carey [Fidelity Comtech Inc., USA]

Broadband Wireless Optical Internet: Topology Reconfigurability Heuristics
Ahmed Mahdy, Jitender S. Deogun [University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA] Shashank K. Mehta [Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India]

Distributed Hybrid Agent Based Intrusion Detection and Real Time Response System (DH-ABIDERS) for Wireless LANs
Vaidehi Kasarekar and Byrav Ramamurthy [University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA]

A Mobile Sensor Network Using Autonomously Controlled Animals
Yihan Li, Shivendra S. Panwar, S. Burugupalli [Polytechnic University, USA]

Improving Energy Savings in Power Adaptive Broadcasting in MANETs
Mehmet Baysan, Saipriya Gowdamachandran, Kamil Sarac [University of Texas at Dallas, USA]

Wireless Sensor Network for Aircraft Health Monitoring
Haowei Bai [Honeywell Labs], Mohammed Atiquzzaman [University of Oklahoma, USA], David Lilja [University of Minnesota, USA]