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Workshop on Networks for Grid Applications
[ http://www.gridnets.org ]

 Co-chairs Dr. Franco Travostino [Nortel Networks]
Dr. Samrat Ganguly [NEC Labs]
Steering Committee
Dr. Imrich Chlamtac [University of Texas at Dallas]
Dr. Martin-Flatin [CERN]
Publicity Co-chair Dr. Kejie Lu [University of Florida]
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Schedule and Technical Program
October 29, 2004 [Friday] 08:15 - 09:15 AM
KEYNOTE: Super Computing, Evolution of the Grid
Dr. Steven J. Wallach, Chiaro Networks
Steven J. Wallach is currently the Vice President of Technology for Chiaro Networks, an adviser to CenterPoint ventures partners and a consultant to the US DOE ASCI program. Previous he was co-founder of Convex Computers, their Chief Technology Officer and senior Vice President of Development. After Hewlett-Packard bought Convex, Wallach became the chief technology officer of the large systems group. He was also a visiting professor at Rice University 1998-1999. Prior to Convex, he was the Manager of Advanced Development for Data General. His efforts on the MV/8000 are chronicled in “The Soul of a New Machine”. Wallach has 33 patents and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, an IEEE Fellow and was a founding member of PITAC (The Presidential Information Technology Advisory Committee). He is currently is a member of the National Academy study of the future of supercomputing. Additionally he is a member of the NSF SCI (Shared Cyber Infrastructure) and NSF DTF (Distributed Terascale Facility) review teams.
October 29, 2004 [Friday] 09:15 - 10:00 AM
Coffee Break
October 29, 2004 [Friday] 10:00 - 11:40 AM
Grid Networks Services Architecture
Application Level Relay for High-Bandwidth Data [PDF]
Y. Liu, Y. Gu, H. Zhang, W. Gong, and D. Towsley [University of Massachusetts, USA]

A Platform for Large-Scale Grid Data Service on Dynamic High-Performance Networks [PDF]
T. Lavian, D. Hoang, J. Mambretti, S. Figueira, S. Naiksatam, N. Kaushil, I. Monga, R. Durairaj, D. Cutrell, S. Merrill, H. Cohen, P. Daspit, F. Travostino [Nortel Networks Labs, iCAIR, Northwestern University, University of Technology Sydney, Santa Clara University]

A Peer-to-peer Information Service for the Grid [PDF]
D. Puppin, S. Moncelli, R. Baraglia, N. Tonellotto and F. Silvestri [Institute for Information Science and Technologies, Italy]

Extensible Service Provision in Grid Networks: A Case For Resource Visibility and InterDomain Exchange [PDF]
S. Tomic and A. Jukan [Vienna University of Technology, Austria]

Communication Strategies for Private-IP-Enabled Interoperable Message Passing across Grid Environments [PDF]
V. Velusamy, P. Bangalore [University of Alabama at Birmingham] P. Raman, [Verari Systems, Inc.]

October 29, 2004 [Friday] 11:40 AM - 01:30 PM
October 29, 2004 [Friday] 01:30 - 02:50 PM
Grid Network Services Quality of Assurance Methods and Protocols
An Analysis of AIMD Algorithms with Decreasing Increases [PDF]
Y. Gu, X. Hong and R. Grossman [University of Illinois at Chicago]

Reliable multicast using fault tolerant MPI in the Grid environment [PDF]
B. Hudzia [Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris, France] S. Petiton, [Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Lille, France]

End-to-End Network Quality of Service in Grid Environments: The QoSINUS approach [PDF]
P. Primet and F. Chanussot [INRIA, France]

FAST TCP in High-Speed Networks: An Experimental Study [PDF]
S. Hegde, D. Lapsley, B. Wydrowski, J. Lindheim, D. Wei, C. Jin, S. Low, H. Newman [Caltech]

October 29, 2004 [Friday] 02:50 - 03:30 PM
Coffee Break
October 29, 2004 [Friday] 03:30 - 05:30 PM
Grid Network Provisioning, Infrastructure, and Management
Using Just-in-Time to Enable Optical Networking for Grids [PDF]
S. Thorpe, G. Edwards, and D. Stevenson [MCNC Research and Development Institute]

On the Advantages of Integrating Service Migration and GMPLS Path Restoration for Recovering Grid Service Connectivity [PDF]
L. Valcarenghi and P. Castoldi [Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna]

JMX - Based Grid Management Services [PDF]
K. Balos and K. Zielinski [AGH University of Science & Technology, Poland]

Token-Based Authorization of Connection Oriented Network Resources [PDF]
L. Gommans, F. Travostino, J. Vollbrecht, C. Laat, R. Meijer [Universiteit van Amsterdam, Nortel Networks Labs]

Optical Exchanges [PDF]
F. Dijkstra, C. Laat [Universiteit van Amsterdam]

Advance Reservation of Lightpaths in Optical-Network Based Grids [PDF]
S. Figueira, N. Kaushik, S. Naiksatam, S. Chiappari, N. Bhatnagar [Santa Clara University]